Hi Guys!
MetalMeg here, just wanting to say Happy Thanksgiving to all of you from us over here at TS!

Yesterday I was feeling festive so I decided to make an apple pie (don’t judge me)
let me tell you… Apple pie’s are not easy!! If you ever decide to make one make sure you give yourself a good 3 hours OR buy a REALLY good apple peeler. I’ve got battle wounds on my knuckles from peeling so many damn apples.

Here are some pictures of my apple pie adventure yesterday…

Downtown LA Grocery Store

My Walk home from the grocery store. It seemed so peaceful compared to how it was inside the store. Note: DO NOT go to the grocery store the night before Thanksgiving!

Beautiful apples I bought for the pie!

Let the games begin!

After the peeling and slicing and rolling and mixing…

Battle Wound!


I hope it’s good! I’m bringing it to the inlaws. Wish me luck!!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

TS will be having a special all month long. Free gift with purchase!

About transparentsystems

Rainbow Alexander (born June 10, 1982 in Santa Rosa, California) is the designer/owner of Transparent Systems. Transparent Systems name has stemmed from the belief that today’s society is accumulated into systems that can be found depending on one's self. Rainbow’s inspiration began at an early age with her viewing her mother's passion for sewing and personal creations from fabrics. Her stepmother, Walker (as a high fashion model) helped further her inspiration with being constantly surrounded by high end fashion pushing her to start sketching designs. Rainbow began cutting up clothes and layering them in her early teens to create her own style. She would also personalize her outfits with her homemade leather cuffs. For the last couple of years she has taken her desires further with creating her own clothing line "Transparent Systems". Transparent Systems is a fun feeling street couture line with edge, funk, quality, and class. Transparent Systems can be found at "Primitive" which is located in Encino, California on Ventura Blvd and can be viewed at myspace.com/Transparentsystems for updates on upcoming designs and locations.
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